We inform the guests of Le Gemme di Artemisia  to comply with the regulations drawn up on the subject of the covid19 specification and in compliance with this restaurant  for safety and hygiene prevention.

* * *

Upon your arrival please wear the face  mask until you reach the hand sanitizing point, then continue to the table.

* * *

During dinner, the use of the face  mask is not necessary, the face mask will be worn again for any movement from the table, to the toilette,  cash desk or the exit.

Upon exiting the toilette, there is a special dispenser available for a necessary renewed sanitation, wearing the face mask again returning to the table.

* * *

We also ask for the same procedure at the end of the dinner, sanitize your hands again, then wear  the mask and reach the car or taxi service.

* * *

In the event that the face  mask is damaged or broken in any way, the restaurant will provide a new replacement

* * *

We thank you in advance for your collaboration and understanding of these ways.


We also all work with gloves and a mask for your protection and safety.

Lara and Andrea