Online private cooking lessons Lake Garda

It's time to entertain you!

Due to the worldwide health situation, it is uncertain when we are going to reopen our restaurant and host our guests, however we are still able and happy to organize live private cooking lessons.

This will be perfect way to enjoy and learn new recipes, new technique, directly to your home.

Let us entertain you. 

Sign up today, we will schedule together timing and date.

(This will be possible once we will have the approval of the Italian government to reopen our business).

The lessons will be online  with Chef Andrea and Sommelier Lara

on Google Meet, Skype or Whatsapp

The lesson is based on “token “ and it is priced per lesson and not per person.

After the payment  you will receive:

  • A confirmation  from us
  • Timing and date
  • Recipes forwarded by e mail
  • Wine tips of how to match the menu prepared
  • Link to be connected with us

During the lesson feel free to interactive with us by asking any questions